5 Ways to Identify the Right Plastic Surgeon


Deciding to get plastic surgery is a huge decision on its own, but the next logical question—who should perform the procedure—is just as important.

Choosing the right doctor can mean the difference between getting results you love and getting results you regret. Fortunately, with online reviews and word of mouth spreading so quickly, these days choosing the best plastic surgeon is getting a little bit easier.

When you’re looking for a doctor to help you achieve your dream body, here are a few of the things you should look out for…

1. Your surgeon is board certified

This should go without saying, but time and time again patients unhappy with their procedures have learned that the doctor they once trusted was never board certified to begin with.

board certification does not automatically mean a surgeon is right for your procedure, but it does mean that particular doctor has been vetted by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and meets their strict standards for patient care and medical excellence. If your surgeon isn’t board certified, it’s best to keep looking.

2. Your plastic surgeon has great bedside manner

The best surgeons know that patient care doesn’t just mean great results. Patient care starts from the moment you walk into your doctor’s facility. The best doctors should be comfortable to talk with, clearly demonstrate that they value your opinion, and should guarantee that they or a member of their team will be on-call to answer your questions before and after your procedure.

3. Your surgeon has a track record of getting great results

Good surgeons should have a history of meeting and beating patient expectations. That means a good number of online reviews, glowing testimonials, before and after pictures (preferably of people with a similar body type to yours), or someone who has been recommended to you by friends or family members.

4. Your surgeon’s facilities make you feel comfortable and inspire confidence

When you step through your surgeon’s front door, how do you feel? Trust your gut instinct when you take into account your interactions with the doctor their staff, the cleanliness and comfort of the office, and whether or not the doctor can perform your procedure at his own medical center.

The fact is, many doctors simply don’t have the space or equipment to operate a full surgery center. Ask yourself if you’ll be comfortable undergoing your procedure in a strange, new hospital—if not, it’s better to pick a doctor who can perform your procedure in-house, like Dr. Jones.

5. Your surgeon doesn’t push you to choose a procedure that’s wrong for you and your body

Honest, reliable surgeons will tell you exactly which type of procedure you should choose to get the results that will make you feel more confident and happier in your own skin. If you go in for a breast augmentation and the doctor starts talking about neck lifts and lip augmentations right off the bat, that should be a red flag.

Some patients consult with surgeons about major procedures to find out they only need a relatively minor one to achieve their dream results. If your consultation feels more like a sales pitch than a serious medical discussion, you should look elsewhere.

Choose the best surgeon, get the best results

The perfect surgeon for someone else might not be the perfect surgeon for you, which is why it’s so important to do your research beforehand.

Find someone with a proven track record, has a surgical board certification, makes you feel at ease, inspires confidence, and helps you choose the right procedure. Look for these five aspects of a great surgeon on your next consultation, and be sure to go with your gut instinct.

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