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Utah's Preferred Breast Reconstruction Surgeon

Did you know that the majority of women who undergo breast reconstruction feel significant improvement in their quality of life compared to after a mastectomy?

Everyone has their own reasons for choosing breast reconstruction. Do any of these sound like you?

  • I want to feel “whole” again
  • I want to finish my recovery from cancer
  • I want to look better
  • I want to wear the clothes I desire
  • I want to feel more confident!

There are dozens of valid reasons to want breast reconstruction. What’s yours?

"I used to be so unhappy with how I looked, but after my breast reconstruction with Dr. Jones, I’m full of confidence. He was so nice and made me feel like he really listened."

- Anonymous

What exactly is a breast reconstruction?

Breast reconstruction is a surgical procedure that helps to restore the physical appearance of a breast after it has been removed due to cancer or other medical conditions.

It can be done with implants, tissue from another part of the body, or a combination of both. The goal of the surgery is to create an aesthetically pleasing result that restores symmetry and balance of the body.

There are many benefits to having breast reconstruction surgery, including restoring one’s body image and self-confidence, feeling of being “whole” again, improved physical appearance, increased comfort after breast cancer treatment, greater freedom to choose clothing styles, and it can be life-changing for some women.

"I’m so happy with my breast reconstruction. I feel like a totally different person…thank you Dr. Jones!"

- Anonymous

Dr. Trenton C. Jones, MD, plastic surgeon in Utah performing procedure

Why choose Dr. Jones?

There are tons of reasons to choose Dr. Jones for your breast reconstruction in Utah!

25 years of experience

For over 25 years, Dr. Jones has been honing his expertise and knowledge in the medical field at Cascade Cosmetic Surgery Center to give you the incredible results you desire.

With thousands of successful procedures under his belt, he is a highly sought after board-certified plastic surgeon by ASPS with an impressive track record for helping women like yourself to achieve higher confidence levels through breast reconstruction operations.

Incredible results

Evaluating the success of a surgical procedure is best done by assessing the satisfaction of patients.

Thankfully, Dr. Jones has been deemed one of Utah's top plastic surgeons on Real Self, and people from all over have chosen him as their breast reconstruction surgeon.

This means you can rest assured knowing that your surgeries will be safer, with minimal scarring and downtime, while better outcomes.

Convenience & comfort

With the Cascade Cosmetic Surgery Center and Medical Spa, surgeon Dr. Jones ensures that you have all of your needs met for a successful breast reconstruction journey. From initial consultation to completion, everything can be conducted in one place!

Plus, with our flexible scheduling options available to accommodate whatever works best for you, we make it simple and easy so you can get back on track sooner than ever before.

Questions & Answers

Have questions about breast reconstruction in Utah? We have answers!

1. What is breast reconstruction surgery?

Breast reconstruction surgery is a surgical procedure that seeks to restore the form and shape of the breast after it has been removed due to cancer or other causes. It may involve reconstructing one or both breasts, depending on the patient's preference.

The goals of this surgery are to create a new breast mound that looks natural and restore symmetry between the existing and reconstructed breasts.

The surgeon may use a variety of techniques, such as fat grafting, flap reconstruction, or breast implants to achieve the desired outcome.

2. Who is a candidate for breast reconstruction surgery?

Breast reconstruction surgery can be an option for any patient who has had a mastectomy or lumpectomy to treat breast cancer, as well as people who have had breasts removed due to other causes.

Patients must speak with their doctor prior to undergoing the procedure to ensure they are in good health, and understand the risks and benefits associated with the procedure. Additionally, they should also be aware that not all insurance companies cover breast reconstruction surgery.

3. What are the different types of breast reconstruction surgery?

The type of breast reconstruction surgery best suited to a patient will depend on their individual circumstances. Generally, there are three main types of breast reconstruction surgery: implant-based reconstruction, flap reconstruction, and fat grafting.

Implant-based reconstruction involves inserting an artificial breast implant into the chest wall to create a new breast mound.

Flap reconstruction is the use of tissue from another area of the body, such as the back or abdomen, to form a new breast mound.

Fat grafting involves transferring fat from other parts of the body to the chest area. The surgeon may also use a combination of techniques to achieve the desired outcome.

4. What are the risks and complications associated with breast reconstruction surgery?

Like all surgeries, there is a risk of bleeding and infection associated with breast reconstruction surgery.

Additionally, the reconstructed breasts may not look exactly like the natural breasts before they were removed. There is also a risk that the reconstructed area may become hard or form scar tissue.

Other potential risks and complications include asymmetry between the two reconstructed breasts and changes in sensation in the area.

Patients should discuss all of these risks and concerns with their surgeon prior to undergoing the procedure.

5. How do I prepare for my breast reconstruction surgery?

Prior to undergoing breast reconstruction surgery, patients should discuss their expectations with their surgeon and ask any questions they may have. Patients should also get a medical evaluation to ensure that they are in good health and provide current medications or supplements to the surgeon.

Additionally, patients should avoid smoking or taking certain medications prior to the procedure as these can interfere with the healing process. Patients should also arrange for help at home after surgery and discuss with their doctor any special instructions they may need to follow after the procedure.

6. How long does breast reconstruction surgery take?

The length of the procedure will depend on a variety of factors, such as the type of reconstruction used and the extent to which the original breasts were removed.

Generally, most breast reconstruction procedures take between two and six hours. However, this timeframe can vary depending on individual circumstances.

7. How long does it take to recover from breast reconstruction surgery?

Recovery time after breast reconstruction surgery will depend on the type of procedure and the patient's circumstances.

Generally, patients can expect to take four to six weeks off from work and other activities to allow for sufficient healing.

During recovery, it is important to follow any instructions provided by the surgeon and avoid strenuous activity or lifting heavy objects.

Swelling and bruising may also occur in the areas around the breasts, which will take several weeks to subside. In some cases, a second surgery may be necessary to achieve the desired outcome.

8. What are the benefits of breast reconstruction?

Breast reconstruction can help restore a woman’s body image after breast cancer. It can also improve self-confidence and give a patient the feeling of being “whole” again. For many women, the surgery is an important part of the recovery process and can be life-changing.

9. Is breast reconstruction surgery an inpatient or outpatient procedure?

The answer to this question depends on the type of reconstruction used and the extent of surgery performed. Generally, most reconstructive surgeries are outpatient procedures that do not require an overnight stay in the hospital.

However, some more complex procedures may require a short hospital stay for observation. It is important to discuss this with your surgeon prior to the procedure.

10. How much does breast reconstruction surgery cost?

The cost of breast reconstruction surgery varies depending on the type of procedure and individual circumstances. Most insurance plans will cover some or all of the costs associated with reconstructive surgery, though patients may still be responsible for a portion of the expenses. Patients should discuss their options with their surgeon.

11. How do I choose a surgeon for my breast reconstruction surgery?

When choosing a surgeon for your breast reconstruction surgery, it is important to find a skilled and experienced professional. It is also important to make sure that the surgeon has experience with the specific type of procedure you are planning to have.

Patients should ask their doctor for recommendations or research surgeons online by looking at reviews and patient testimonials.

Finally, patients should set up a consultation and ask any questions they may have. This will help to ensure that the patient is comfortable with the surgeon.

12. What should I expect before and after my breast reconstruction surgery?

Before the surgery, it is important to discuss any concerns or questions with your doctor. During the procedure, patients may be sedated and need to stay in the hospital for observation afterwards.

After the surgery, patients should follow any instructions provided by their surgeon to ensure a successful recovery.

This may include taking medications as prescribed and avoiding strenuous activity or lifting heavy objects.

Additionally, patients may experience swelling and bruising in the areas around the breasts for several weeks after surgery. Following all instructions provided by your physician for optimal results.

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