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Utah's Preferred Brachioplasty (arms) Surgeon

Did you know that more than 94% of women are happy with their brachioplasty results?

Everyone has a different reason for choosing brachioplasty. Do any of these sound like you?

  • I want to reduce excess skin on my upper arms
  • I want to contour and shape my upper arm area
  • I want to target persistent pockets of fat that don’t respond to diet and exercise
  • I want to improve proportion, balance, and symmetry between my arms and other body parts
  • I want to feel more confident
  • I want to improve arm mobility and pain caused by sagging skin

No matter the reason, a brachioplasty might be just what you need to achieve your goals!

What exactly is a brachioplasty?

Brachioplasty, or arm lift surgery, is a procedure used to reduce excess skin and fat in the upper arms. The goal of this surgery is to create smoother, more toned contours in the area for a youthful appearance.

During brachioplasty, excess skin and fat are removed from the arms through an incision made on either side of the triceps muscle. Afterward, the remaining tissue is tightened and sutured together for a smooth result.

While there are non-surgical alternatives available, many people find that arm lifts produce much better results than these treatments alone. It's important to speak with your doctor about all your options before deciding which type of arm lift is right for you!

"Sooooo happy I picked Dr. Jones for my arm lift. I haven’t felt this confident in years!"

- Anonymous

Dr. Trenton C. Jones, MD, plastic surgeon in Utah performing procedure

Why choose Dr. Jones?

There are tons of reasons to choose Dr. Jones for your brachioplasty in Utah!

25 years of experience

Dr. Jones has devoted 25+ years to mastering the art of plastic surgery, having graduated from top medical schools and trained in renowned medical centers.

He’s board-certified by the ASPS with thousands of successful procedures under his belt; helping countless women like you experience physical transformation and heightened self-esteem through brachioplasty treatments.

Incredible results

Dr. Jones is highly acclaimed as one of Utah's leading plastic surgeons according to Real Self, and many individuals from around the state keep choosing him as their go-to brachioplasty surgeon.

Ultimately, that translates into more secure procedures with limited scarring and a quicker recovery period...resulting in better outcomes for you!

Measuring surgery success can be quite tricky; however, patient satisfaction is undoubtedly the most reliable way to do it.

Convenience & comfort

With Dr. Jones' state-of-the-art Cascade Cosmetic Surgery Center and Medical Spa, your brachioplasty will be smoother than ever!

You'll have the convenience of meeting with him from start to finish at a single location — no running around town for appointments or long wait times.

Plus, his flexible scheduling makes it easy to plan ahead for surgery day without hassle or disruption.

"Dr. Jones is truly a great doctor and human being. I’ve never felt so welcome by a surgeon before…5 star experience from start to finish."

- Anonymous

Questions & Answers

Have questions about brachioplasty in Utah? We have answers!

1. What is an arm lift?

An arm lift, or brachioplasty, is a surgical procedure that reshapes and contours the upper arms to reduce sagging and give them a more toned appearance. During the procedure, excess fatty tissue is removed from the area, as well as loose skin.

The underlying muscle may also be tightened for additional support and sculpting. In some cases, liposuction may be used to reduce the amount of fat in the area.

2. What is the purpose of brachioplasty?

The goal of an arm lift is to create more toned and youthful-looking arms. This procedure can help reduce the appearance of sagging skin, as well as excess fat, which can make the arms look flabby or heavy. Some people also choose to have an arm lift after massive weight loss.

3. Who is a candidate for brachioplasty?

Arm lift surgery is best for individuals who are in good overall health and whose skin has lost its elasticity due to aging, genetics or weight loss. People with excessive amounts of sagging skin or fat deposits can also benefit from this procedure.

It's important to note that arm lifts do not remove stretch marks, although the newly contoured arms may reduce their visibility. Additionally, patients should be committed to maintaining a healthy lifestyle following the procedure to prevent future sagging and ensure long-term results.

4. How is brachioplasty performed?

During an arm lift procedure, the surgeon will make incisions along the inner part of the arm and then remove excess skin. Depending on the amount of skin to be removed, liposuction may also be used in conjunction with the arm lift to remove stubborn fat deposits. Finally, the remaining skin is pulled tight and stitched together for a more contoured appearance.

5. What are the risks and complications associated with brachioplasty?

As with any surgical procedure, arm lift surgery carries a risk of complications. These can include excessive bleeding, infection, tissue damage, and scarring.

Additionally, there may be some temporary swelling and redness in the area following the procedure. The risks associated with an arm lift may vary from patient to patient, so it's important to speak to a qualified surgeon.

6. How long does it take to recover from brachioplasty?

Most patients can expect to experience some bruising, swelling, and soreness for up to 2 weeks following the procedure. The majority of these side effects should begin to subside within a few days.

Patients may be instructed to wear a compression garment for 1-2 weeks after the surgery in order to reduce discomfort and promote healing. Full recovery from an arm lift may take up to 6 weeks. It's important to follow the instructions of your doctor to ensure a smooth recovery.

7. What is the brachioplasty recovery process?

After the arm lift surgery, patients will be given instructions on how to care for their arms and reduce swelling. These may include wearing compression garments, avoiding strenuous activities, and keeping the area clean and dry.

Most stitches can be removed within about 2 weeks. It's important for patients to keep their follow-up appointments with their doctor to maximize your results.

8. How much does brachioplasty cost?

The cost of an arm lift can vary significantly depending on the individual patient's goals and needs. Generally, arm lift surgery costs range from $5,000 to $10,000 for the procedure. Additional costs may include anesthesia fees, facility fees, and other related expenses. It's important to speak with your doctor to get an idea of how much your procedure will cost.

9. What are the benefits of brachioplasty?

The main benefit of arm lift surgery is that it can help create smoother, more toned contours in the arms. This can help reduce the appearance of excess skin or fat, as well as restore a youthful look to the area.

Additionally, an arm lift can help boost self-confidence and give patients a feeling of renewed comfort in their own skin.

10. Are there any non-surgical alternatives to brachioplasty?

Yes, several non-surgical alternatives can help reduce the appearance of excess skin or fat on the arms. These include laser therapies, radiofrequency treatments, and nonsurgical fat reduction procedures like CoolSculpting.

While these techniques may be effective for some patients, they typically don't produce as dramatic results as an arm lift.

11. What are the risks and complications associated with a non-surgical arm lift?

The risks associated with non-surgical arm lifts are generally much lower than those associated with surgical procedures. However, there is still a risk of side effects such as skin irritation, burns, rashes, or scarring.

Additionally, these treatments may not achieve the same level of results as an arm lift surgery. It's important to speak to a qualified surgeon to weigh your options.

12. Which is better, a surgical or non-surgical brachioplasty?

The best arm lift for each patient depends on a variety of factors, including individual goals and overall health. While non-surgical treatments may be effective for some patients, many people find that the results of an arm lift surgery are much more dramatic.

Ultimately, it's important to speak to a qualified surgeon to decide which type of procedure is best for you.

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