Breast Augmentations from Start to Finish


Looking to make big changes with a breast augmentation? Interested in scheduling a consultation, but not sure what to expect? The before-and-after of plastic surgery is easy to visualize, but what actually goes on at your doctor’s office during your appointments?

Today we’ll take a look at the steps that take place in order to take you from A to B, with B being more sexiness, confidence, and happiness.

Your Breast Augmentation Consultation

Creating the best results starts with great attention to detail. That’s why we take our consultations so seriously; by getting to know you and your unique needs, we can help you achieve amazing results you’ll love.

For breast augmentations, size isn’t the only important thing to take into consideration. Shape is just as important for creating natural-looking breasts. Our consultation will help you answer all of your questions, figure out if surgery is really the best choice for your body, and allow you to visualize the new you.

One of our patients was so excited about her procedure that she filmed her visits with us, and allowed us to share those videos with our new patients. Take a look at her breast augmentation consultation below:

Before and After Your Procedure

Surgery can seem scary at first. But if we’ve done our job right, you’ll be feeling totally relaxed and comfortable! Remember, providing the best treatments also means providing the safest treatments.

Check out Zoie’s surgery-day experience for a glimpse at what to expect on your big day:

Before your procedure, our team makes absolutely certain you and your body are healthy and ready to take the next step. Most of our procedures are outpatient, meaning you’ll be able to head home the very same day of your surgery instead of staying overnight in our facility.

The recovery process begins immediately after your procedure is over, when we help you prepare for the rest your body needs to see the best results possible.

But just because your procedure is over doesn’t mean your care ends. We’re always available to answer your questions and help with any problems you might experience, and of course we’ll be seeing each other soon for your follow-ups to make sure your body is healing as expected.

From start to finish, you’re in the best hands.

Better Care, Better Life

Amazing results don’t happen by accident—you can see that a lot goes on behind the scenes to make you feel comfortable and prepared for your procedure.

Choosing the right surgeon for your breast augmentation means finding someone with a deep practical knowledge of plastic surgery, an eye for aesthetics and enough compassion to go around.

When you look at those before-and-after pictures, take the time to think about what went into each procedure—the best results often have the most care going on behind the scenes.

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