What You Need to Know About Labiaplasty Recovery

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labiaplasty is a procedure for addressing the size and shape of the labia to increase patient comfort. Some of the many benefits of labiaplasty include improved self-confidence, reduced pain during physical activity, and greater enjoyment during sex. However, labiaplasty is still a surgery, and recovery should be taken seriously. As you heal from your procedure, remember the following helpful tips.

Labiaplasty Recovery: What To Expect

During the first week after labiaplasty, a patient’s priority should be recovery. During this time, most patients are advised to stay home. Light walking may resume after one week.

At the three-week mark, walking and sitting will feel comfortable for most patients. However, strenuous activities such as exercise and intercourse should still be avoided.

Around four to six weeks following a labiaplasty, most patients will be able to resume a full range of normal activities, including intercourse.

Recovering from Labiaplasty

Wait To Resume Sexual Activity

While many patients can resume sexual activity six weeks following a labiaplasty procedure, full healing may take several months. It’s important not to rush your recovery.

Have Pad Products on Hand

While heavy bleeding is not typical, you may have a small amount of blood or spotting following your labiaplasty. If you have a period following your surgery, avoid tampon use for up to three weeks.

Have a Friend or Family Member Ready To Help You

After your surgery, you’ll need rest. You should arrange for a trusted friend or family member to assist you following your labiaplasty. You will also need someone capable of driving you home after your surgery.

Elevate and Ice the Pelvis

Swelling is normal after your labiaplasty. Swelling may last for several weeks or months, but for most patients, it will resolve after a few weeks. Immediately following surgery, elevating the pelvis on a pillow will help alleviate some swelling. Many patients also find icing the area to be a helpful method of pain reduction.

Wear Loose-Fitting, Comfortable Clothing

After your procedure, it’s important to give your labia room to breathe. Cotton underwear, roomy clothing, and soft fabrics are advised.

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