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Imagine you were Snow White’s stepmother (not necessarily evil, just envious). You need not have gone to all that trouble to get rid of your prettier and younger stepdaughter. All you need is one of the plastic surgeons in Salt Lake City—like Dr. Trenton C. Jones of the Cascade Cosmetic Surgery Center—and voila! You are now, indeed, the fairest of them all, and you can now live peacefully with your stepdaughter.

Of course, turning yourself into an ugly witch to entice your stepdaughter to bite a poisoned apple would also be out of line. Modern reconstructive surgery is aimed at turning you into a beauty, not a monster. The seven dwarfs would have had no role in this kind of scenario, and there would certainly be no need for a dashing Prince Charming to save Snow White.

Today, modern plastic surgery has two branches, both of which could have provided Snow White’s stepmother with solutions to her problems. These are cosmetic surgery and reconstructive plastic surgery. Cosmetic surgery is about improving a patient’s physical appearance, while reconstructive surgery may also include the former, but is mainly concerned with improving or restoring impaired body parts.

Cosmetic surgery is also known as elective surgery because it may not really be necessary, but it is desired. This includes nose lifts, liposuction, wrinkle removal, and other procedures. On the other hand, reconstructive surgery usually involves a necessary operation to rehabilitate a body part after an injury (such as a car accident) or an illness (like breast cancer). Both types of cosmetic surgery can be performed by a qualified plastic surgeon Utah residents consult for their beauty concerns.

According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, a total of 1,435,444 surgical cosmetic procedures were done in the U.S. in 2007, from liposuction to female breast reduction. For non-surgical cosmetic procedures, from Botox to laser skin resurfacing, a total of 7,113,914 procedures were performed that same year in the country based on the same survey.

Some experts believe that not everyone can undergo cosmetic surgery. Some doctors even delay the procedure until after the patient has received proper psychological counseling. This is important because these procedures often have permanent, irreversible results, making it essential for patients to be completely sure of their decisions before undergoing the operation.

For Snow White’s stepmother though, there seems to be no need for counseling as far as beauty is concerned. She was absolutely sure about what she wanted. A plastic surgeon Salt Lake City residents prefer may be her only way to compete with her stepdaughter’s legendary beauty. And everybody with the same concern can use the same strategy as well.

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