Packed schedule? Even you have time for plastic surgery.


When you’re considering plastic surgery, it’s important to factor in the time needed for both the procedure and your recovery.

Here are some tips from Dr. Jones on how to make sure you have plenty of time set aside for your treatment and healing process.

By following these simple steps, even the busiest people can find time to achieve their plastic surgery goals.

Schedule your procedure for a time when you have no other commitments

Planning for a surgical procedure can be stressful, especially when it conflicts with everyday commitments.

To ensure the best possible experience and outcome, Dr. Jones recommends that patients schedule their procedures for a time when they have no other obligations.

Many patients are surprised to learn they can resume normal activities in just a few day, depending on the procedure.

Choosing a time when you don’t have to worry about arranging care for children or fulfilling work responsibilities can provide you with the necessary peace of mind in the run-up to your procedure.

Scheduling your procedure strategically can help make sure you have enough downtime available during recovery.

Arrange for someone to take care of your children or pets

For parents and pet owners, it’s important to factor in the recovery period both before and after your procedure. If possible, Dr. Jones recommends finding someone who can take care of your children or pets during this time as to ensure a smooth transition for all parties involved.

This could be a family member or friend who is willing to assist you when needed, or hiring an experienced babysitter or pet sitter.

By taking the proper precautions and trusting those around you with the job, the experience of healing from your procedure will be much smoother for everyone involved.

Take some time off from work to recover from the surgery

Supporting your health and well-being should always be a top priority.

It’s important to set aside enough rest and downtime while still being able to accommodate real-life responsibilities. While Dr. Jones’ procedures are minimally invasive with short recovery periods, you’ll likely have to take some time off work for recovery.

Many of Dr. Jones’ procedures are outpatient, meaning you can return home the same day of your procedure.

Recovery periods vary — some procedures can have you back at work almost immediately, while some might take up to two weeks.

Make sure you have plenty of comfortable clothes and pillows to help you rest after the surgery

After plastic surgery, patient comfort is key to a successful and satisfying outcome.

Dr. Jones recommends preparing for your procedure by having a stockpile of comfortable clothing and pillows on hand, to help ensure the best possible recovery time.

This should include clothes with plenty of give, that don’t rub or bind too tightly in any spots, so you can feel truly comfortable while your body adjusts to the changes.

Having these basics ready for when you return home makes sure your focus can stay on getting well and resting up as soon as possible; it’s just one more way that Dr. Jones works with his patients to make sure they reach their desired goals.

Follow all of Dr. Jones’ post-operative instructions to ensure a smooth recovery

Planning your procedure with a qualified plastic surgeon such as Dr. Jones is the first step for ensuring a successful recovery.

Once the process begins, it’s essential to follow all of the post-operative instructions given to ensure a smooth healing process. Adhering to a doctor’s directions typically helps decrease side effects, manage pain, reduce scarring and prioritize safety throughout your recovery period.

Dr. Jones is committed to modern techniques with less down-time and minimal scarring

Paying close attention to both pre- and post-operation guidelines will help maximize results from any plastic surgery procedure and get you back on track in no time!

Plastic surgery scheduling made easy

Scheduling surgery is no small task. Even after following these tips, you might still feel like you don’t have time for a consultation, procedure, recovery, and multiple follow-up visits.

We get it. That’s why Dr. Jones has such wide availability compared to most other plastic surgeons — with flexible scheduling, even on weekends.

At Cascade Cosmetic Surgery Center, we streamline the process of going from “possibility” to “perfection.”

Scheduling your dream body with Dr. Jones is a piece of cake. Contact us today, and let’s get to work bringing your dream body to life.

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