How Does Jeuveau Compare to BOTOX® Cosmetic?

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BOTOX® Cosmetic has been the leading name in injectibles for decades. But, in 2019, Jeuveau entered the market. Both treatments can minimize signs of aging without invasive surgical procedures, but how do these treatments compare?

Jeuveau is also a neuromodulator similar to BOTOX® Cosmetic, designed to treat signs of aging. However, it can provide a few advantages that BOTOX® cannot. So, if you’re interested in a non-surgical treatment for reducing fine lines and wrinkles, learn why Dr. Trenton Jones trusts Jeuveau.

What Is Jeuveau?

Jeuveau, or Newtox, is the latest development in neurotoxin-based aesthetic treatments. It is derived from botulinum toxin type A but has a slightly different variant and better purity than its competitors. Jeuveau is also FDA-approved to treat mild to severe frown lines.

Similar to BOTOX® Cosmetic, Jeuveau works by blocking nerve signals to the facial muscles, causing them to relax and reducing the appearance of wrinkles.

Effectiveness and Performance

If BOTOX® Cosmetic and Jeuveau function similarly, you may wonder what makes Jeveau better.

While both offer effective treatments for dynamic wrinkles caused by facial expressions and movements, Jeuveau boasts visible results in as little as two days after treatment, somewhat quicker than BOTOX® Cosmetic, with most patients experiencing full results within 30 days.

Jeuveau has performed well in consumer satisfaction scores, too. With 94% of over 9000 participants expressing satisfaction with their treatments, Jeuveau credits its purer composition, state-of-the-art facility, and manufacturing processes as critical advantages over its rivals.

Choosing Between BOTOX® Cosmetic and Jeuveau

When choosing between Jeuveau and BOTOX® Cosmetic, it ultimately comes down to individual preferences, specific treatment goals, and the recommendation of a skilled practitioner like Trenton C. Jones, MD. During consultations, Dr. Jones evaluates each patient’s facial anatomy, discusses their aesthetic goals, and recommends the best treatment options for you.

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Jeuveau offers a fresh take on neurotoxin treatments and presents a viable alternative to BOTOX® Cosmetic. At Cascade Cosmetic Surgery Center, patients can explore both options for a refreshed and vibrant appearance, guided by the expertise of board-certified plastic surgeon Trenton C. Jones, MD.

To learn more about Jeuveau in Orem, UT, or to schedule a consultation, call the Cascade Cosmetic Surgery Center at 801-418-8172.

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