Do I Need a Breast Augmentation or a Lift?

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Many women feel that just because their breasts aren’t perky, they need a breast augmentation. This isn’t always true; many women have adequate breast volume but have sagging that prevents their breasts from appearing large and full. It is important to determine whether you need a breast augmentation or a breast lift because inserting implants over weak, sagging breast tissue can cause aesthetic complications down the road.

When You Need a Lift

Breast lift surgery is designed to treat drooping breasts that may be caused by pregnancy, weight loss, aging, or heavy breasts. This procedure removes excess tissue and uses sutures to hold the remaining breast tissue in place, creating firmer, more attractive breasts. Whether or not you need a breast lift can be determined by your level of breast ptosis (sagging).

Level One: No ptosis is present. The bottom of your breast tissue sits above the inframammary line, and your nipples are parallel to the ground or pointed slightly upward.
Level Two: Mild ptosis is present. Some breast tissue has dropped below the inframammary line, but your nipples are parallel to the ground or higher.
Level Three: Moderate ptosis is present. A significant portion of the lower breast has dropped below the inframammary line, and your nipples have begun to point downward.
Level Four: Severe ptosis is present. The lower breast rests below the inframammary line, and the nipples point down toward the floor.

Sagging breasts that need a lift usually have adequate volume but simply lack firmness. Implants may be able to correct mild ptosis, but they do not provide a significant correction to sagging breast tissue.

When You Need Implants

Breast augmentation is designed to use implants to restore or provide volume to the breasts. Breast augmentation candidates often have naturally small breasts with good skin elasticity, or they may have lost breast volume as a result of pregnancy but do not have significant breast sagging. Silicone or saline implants are inserted to increase the size and, in some cases, reshape undefined breasts. Small breasts that don’t need a lift are generally naturally perky with good tone but lack the fullness and cleavage that many women desire to attain attractive, feminine curves.

When You Need a Combination

After pregnancy or weight loss, most women would benefit from combining a breast lift with a breast augmentation. Pregnancy and weight loss can rob women of their attractive, full breasts as volume is lost and the breast tissue becomes weak. Women with mild or moderate ptosis should consider a lift to prevent the tissue from becoming weaker due to the weight of the implants, which can cause complications down the road. Women with severe ptosis should consider a breast lift with their augmentation to prevent double-bubble deformity and improve the overall appearance of the breasts.

Having both of these procedures performed during one surgery saves both time and money. You won’t need two separate recovery periods. You also save on facility and anesthesia fees when you combine procedures.

You should discuss with Dr. Jones the results you wish to achieve through your breast enhancing procedure. Dr. Jones will help you determine which procedure best suits your needs after a thorough evaluation during your personal consultation.

If you desire larger, better defined, and more attractive breasts, schedule your consultation with Dr. Jones today. Contact our office at 801.418.8172 or fill out our online contact form here for additional information.

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