9 Important Things Patients Overlook Before Getting Breast Implants

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Should I get breast implants?

Breast augmentation is the single most-common cosmetic surgery procedure in the United States, but countless women are still on the fence about whether or not augmentation is right for them.

While breast augmentation is a great choice for many patients, it’s not right for everyone—here are 9 important things to consider before you finalize your decision.

1. Fat transfer or implants?

Nowadays, silicone and saline implants aren’t your only options. More and more, patients are choosing fat transfer breast augmentation, where liposuction is used to extract fat from other areas of your body to be injected into your breasts.

While fat transfer is relatively more simple, be aware that you’ll only be able to increase your bust by 1-2 cup sizes with this type of procedure.

2. Breast implants will need to be replaced eventually

Yes, modern breast implants are long-lasting and safe. However, no implant lasts forever. Today’s breast implants will usually last for about a decade before needing replacement, and you’ll need to have annual checkups to ensure that your implants are still intact and safe.

3. Breast augmentation alone cannot correct sagging breasts

Contrary to popular belief, adding volume to your bust can actually increase the appearance of sagging, drooping breasts.

To correct sagging, you’ll want a breast lift. Breast lifts tighten the tissue of your breasts while removing any in excess, while possibly re-positioning the nipples and areolas (on a patient-by-patient basis).

Of course, many patients would like to increase volume and reduce sagging, which is where a combined breast lift/augmentation may be your best choice.

4. You will need additional surgery in the future

When the day comes that your implants need to be replaced, it’s important that you’ve maintained or built a good relationship with a plastic surgeon who you trust to keep your results—one who’s both experienced and board-certified.

5. Where will the incisions be made?

A majority of women will be able to breastfeed after undergoing a breast augmentation, but the location of your incisions may have an impact.

Most surgeons will recommend that if you’d like to breastfeed in the future, you should have incisions made either underneath your breasts or at the armpit, rather than around the areola.

6. Picking an implant is more complicated than saline vs. silicone

Besides the obvious choices of silicone, saline or fat transfer, both silicone and saline implants have more options than you might think.

For example, you’ll want to decide between teardrop or round implants, smooth or textured implants, the size of your implants, as well as profile.

7. Implant placement

Besides choosing your type of implant, you should also consider how the implant will be placed. For example, your doctor may opt for subglandular (between your mammary gland and pectoral muscles), beneath the muscle, etc. Every location has its own pros and cons.

8. Smokers must stop for at least two weeks before surgery

Just a single cigarette during the period immediately before your procedure can increase your risks, and your surgeon is likely to refuse performing your procedure if this rule is broken.

Nicotine can cause constriction in your blood vessels, creating circulation issues and depriving your oxygen supply to healing breast tissue—which can negatively impact your results.

9. Your results will change with time

Many patients are alarmed or disappointed that what they see immediately after surgery doesn’t meet their expectations.

Following your procedure, you will be looking at a great deal of swelling and bruising—this is normal. This swelling can take several weeks to completely resolve, meaning you won’t be able to see your full results until recovery is complete.

When in doubt, rely on your plastic surgeon

You should choose a surgeon you can trust to clear up any uncertainties and answer any questions you might have along the way. If you don’t feel totally comfortable with your doctor’s experience, credentials, bedside manner, or ability to get results, find one who does make you feel comfortable.

Dr. Jones has a track record of helping patients receive amazing results through breast augmentations and other life-changing proceduresContact us today for a free consultation, and find out how to achieve the body (and confidence) you’ve always dreamed of.

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