A sound mind in a beautiful body is an ideal countless individuals have aspired to attain. While many people choose different pursuits to develop their minds, others opt to enhance their physical attributes through cosmetic procedures. A good cosmetic surgeon Utah residents rely on, such as Dr. Trenton Jones, can help his patients gain greater self-confidence and improve self-esteem through various medical processes.

While standards of beauty follow certain universal principles (such as adherence to harmony and proportion), other standards of beauty are subjective and evolve with time. One only has to look at a Rubens painting of very voluptuous women and compare it to today’s average supermodels with slim builds to see how concepts of beauty have changed over time.

In the modern world, media play an important role in shaping cultural standards of beauty. People are continually barraged with images of women with perfectly shaped breasts and men with fantastic abs. Women who are toned or slim, with relatively youthful complexions. Long legs and shapely breasts are generally considered to be more attractive as well. As society becomes increasingly more focused on self-actualization, many women who are unsatisfied with the size or shape of their breasts choose to undergo cosmetic procedures to rectify these deficiencies. Examples of such procedures include breast implants, breast lifts, breast reduction, and breast reconstruction.

The breast implants Salt Lake City patients want are not just desired for purely aesthetic reasons. Some women need to have breast implants installed to correct congenital deficiencies or to restore the size and form of the breast following cancer treatment. Post-mastectomy breast reconstruction procedures can restore the volume and shape of such breasts. Additionally, women who have experienced pregnancy and childbirth may have saggy or drooping breasts which may require breast lift procedures.

Still, other women with unusually large or heavy breasts may choose to undergo breast reduction procedures to reduce the size and weight of their breasts. This is because such women are endangering their spine and may suffer back problems.

For women who are contemplating such cosmetic procedures, it is advisable for them to go to surgeons who are board-certified. A surgeon who has been licensed by the American Board of Medical Specialties will follow accepted guidelines of safety and quality. Board-certified plastic surgeons have completed three to five years of training in general surgery. This is followed by two to three years of training in plastic surgery.

By choosing these medical practitioners, patients will ensure that the breast implants Utah clinic offer are not only natural-looking, but safe as well.

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