Get Rid of Bra Fat with the Kind of Laser Lipo Utah Doctors Offer


With the aim of looking good, many residents of Salt Lake City, Utah have resorted to cosmetic surgery procedures. A Forbes Magazine report notes that the cosmetic surgery industry in this city is booming, with at least 45 licensed practitioners serving the area. Many Salt Lake residents usually have a form of liposuction Utah doctors offer called Smart Lipo.

The Smart Lipo is a revolutionary body contouring procedure that gets rid of unwanted fat in those pesky trouble areas that simply won’t trim down. One of the most common trouble areas for a number of women is back fat or what is sometimes referred to as “bra fat.” These are the folds of fat that form after women strap on their bra.

There are numerous methods of eliminating bra fat. Fitness experts suggest doing some upper body exercises to tone the back muscles. There are cases, however, wherein the problem persists, no matter how much exercise is performed. In these cases, it’s probably a good idea to get Smart Lipo Utah women undergo to get rid of the problem quickly and effectively.

Dr. Trenton Jones, a noted Utah-based cosmetic surgeon, states that this is a minimally invasive procedure. The process is done by inserting a one millimeter cannula (tube) into the targeted site, where a laser is used to rupture the fat cells to liquefy the fat. The difference between Smart Lipo and traditional procedures is the use of the laser to coax away the fat, while coagulating surrounding tissue to tighten up the skin in the area.

Some women who are fit don’t even go through the procedure to actually have fat sucked out, but merely for the skin tightening effect of the laser. Aside from bra or back fat, this type of procedure can also get rid of the usual problem areas. This includes neck, jawline, breasts or chest, abdomen, love handles, saddle bags, inner or outer thighs, and knees.

The results after getting laser lipo Utah residents undergo can be seen usually after a single treatment, with continuing improvement over the subsequent three to six months. The patient may be required to wear a compression garment for a short period after the treatment, but this would depend on the area being treated. It’s always best to consult a doctor to determine if one is qualified to undergo this procedure, or any treatment aimed at removing body fat.

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