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Wrinkles and Skin Aging Can Often Be Addressed by a Facelift

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The natural processes of aging can affect your body and the skin on your face in a number of different ways. One of the most common and noticeable changes is the process known as skin aging. As the years go by, your skin gradually slows the natural collagen production in the deeper layers of the dermis and slows the rate it replenishes skin cells. This can cause noticeable wrinkles and lines on your face. In time, it can also cause a sagging of the skin in key areas.

To address these problems, your surgeon, Dr. Trenton C. Jones, M.D., can perform a facelift. This cosmetic surgical procedure is designed to improve sagging in the middle of your face, below the lower eyelids or along the nose and mouth. It can also improve skin tone and texture in the lower face as well as loose skin or excess fatty deposits under your chin.

Some people also choose to have additional procedures performed in conjunction with a facelift. This might include a neck or eyelift or the addition of facial, cheek or chin implants.

Your typical recovery time will vary depending on your age, general state of health, tobacco use and quality of aftercare. It’s a good idea to take a week or more off from work to allow you to rest while the incision heals.

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