The Surprising Reason Why Breast Augmentation Cost is Less Important Than You Think


By far one of the most common questions we receive about breast augmentation (and our other procedures) is “how much is it?”

The fact is that plastic surgery isn’t a commodity like laundry detergent or gas—there are huge differences in quality between surgeons. Great results are truly priceless, no matter the price tag, and patients who shop for surgeons based on the cheapest price are often asking for trouble.

Cheap surgery, as it turns out, is usually the most costly option of all. Here are just a few topics you should be thinking of well before the issue of price comes up.

Patient Safety

Although your risk of complications with breast augmentation surgery is relatively low, your risk increases when you’re in the hands of someone who cuts corners or isn’t experienced enough to deliver great results.

For starters, double-check to make sure your chosen doctor is board-certified by the ASPS. This certification indicates that he or she has gone through extensive testing, training, and ongoing education to ensure the highest quality care for patients.

Remember, safety is expensive for surgeons—cutting corners with patient safety, unfortunately, is a great way for dishonest medical practitioners to save money, so be wary.

What Are Other Patients Saying?

Picking the right doctor isn’t as simple as it seems—you’re going to want to choose a surgeon who really pays attention to your goals and makes you an active partner in planning your procedure for optimal results.

One of the best ways to figure out just how attentive your doctor is with his patients is to check online reviews.

Although online reviews aren’t perfect, they’re great for gauging the general mood of patients who have chosen your surgeon for similar procedures. You’re not just looking for patients who got great results (more on that later), but also people who just generally had a good experience with your doctor, his facilities, and the rest of his team.

Results Matter

Virtually every surgeon should be able to provide before-and-after pictures of past patients, usually on their website. For breast augmentations in particular, look for patients with even results—implants placed too high or too low should be a red flag.

Also pay particular attention to patients with similar bodies to yours, as their photos will give you a better idea of what to expect from your procedure.

Remember, it’s usually a lot more difficult to fix a botched boob job than it is to get it right the first time—look for great results before you look for a great price.

How Are You Treated?

At this point, you may have already begun contacting offices of local plastic surgeons. Pay careful attention to how the staff treat you.

Do they answer the phone courteously? Are the quick to respond? Do they make you feel welcome? You’re going to be dealing with your surgeon’s team a lot, and a bad experience here should be raising a few flags about the experience to come.


Even if you’re feeling good about your choice so far, your initial consultation with your surgeon is incredibly important. Here, you’ll be able to truly measure how much your doctor is invested in your success.

Does your surgeon discuss your goals and listen to you? Do you feel certain that this person can provide you with excellent care? Is this a person who you can trust?

Go with your gut instinct.

Choosing a Cheap Surgeon

When you prioritize your safety, care and results, you’ll often find that the cheapest surgeons aren’t even part of the equation. While it’s fine to search for the least expensive gas station, choosing an inexperienced doctor can have serious long-term consequences for your appearance and your health.

But that doesn’t mean your procedure has to cost a fortune. In fact, we offer zero-interest financing for most of our procedures, making plastic surgery affordable for almost everyone.

With Dr. Jones, you’ll never have to sacrifice safety, care, or results for price.

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