The jobs performed by a typical plastic surgeon Salt Lake City clients seek out are usually done on the face. Lip augmentationliposuction of fat under the chin (also known as submental lipectomy), and eyelid surgery are some examples. Another common plastic surgery treatment sought is rhinoplasty. Not all surgeries on the nose are cosmetic, though. The bulk of rhinoplastic treatments are carried out for reconstructive and corrective purposes.

Colloquially recognized as a nose job, rhinoplasty is a procedure where alterations on a patient’s nose are performed, either for enhancing visual aesthetics or as a way to repair damage brought by some sort of physical trauma inflicted upon a patient’s face. There are two major cutting techniques in rhinoplastic surgery: one is called closed rhinoplasty—technically known among surgeons as endonasal rhinoplasty—while the other procedure is called (you guessed it) open rhinoplasty.

Open or closed?
Open rhinoplasty is one option of fixing one’s nose by carefully lifting the plump protuberance after a small incision is made across the nostrils. The cut is done at the low end of the nasal septum, which is the fleshy part of the nose that separates the left and right airways. This incision is performed to allow for a more “workable” nose as a surgeon attempts to reconstruct areas of the nasal passages.

Many a plastic surgeon Utah clinics employ believe that patients should opt for open rhinoplasty, as this technique offers more advantages over closed rhinoplasty. For one, an incision in the columella (a medical term for the low end of the nasal septum mentioned earlier) gives the surgeon more freedom when dealing with surgery inside the nose. In addition, healed incisions leave barely noticeable scars on the nose.

Despite the clear advantages of open rhinoplasty, there are plastic surgeons in Salt Lake City who strongly advocate the closed procedure. As this technique is a bit more difficult to do, surgeons who specialize in closed rhinoplasty tend to be more precise in their work. At the same time, the risk of unforeseen alterations on the nose is greatly minimized since fewer external incisions are made.

Note though, that patients should probably not bother themselves with the technical minutiae of the arcane open-versus-closed debate among facial cosmetic surgeons. Whether surgeons should do a trivial cut between your air holes should not matter to clients. Consider, instead, the skill of surgeons in handling nose jobs. Asking plastic surgeons which technique they are more comfortable with is also acceptable. Nevertheless, as a rule, most young surgeons prefer the open method, as this technique has steadily gained popularity among medical students over the years.

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