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Plastic Surgery in Utah: Helping Mothers Regain Their Pre-Pregnancy Figures

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There’s a good reason for people referring to babies as bundles of joy. Mothers often attest that nothing compares to the happiness of bringing a child into the world. Moms from Utah surely feel the same way, as 21 babies are born per 1,000 people here annually. Moreover, many mommies choose to settle in Salt Lake City, which was ranked among the top 20 best places to live, according to CNN Money.

However, after giving birth, some moms have a hard time getting back to their pre-pregnancy shape, even after dieting and exercising. These moms may feel self-conscious every time they step out of the house—unlike celebrity moms like Tori Spelling who’ve had no difficulty returning to the spotlight after childbirth. This former SLC resident shed her baby weight very quickly—a feat which specialists who perform plastic surgery in Utah can help you achieve.

Most of today’s moms have full-time jobs to get back to after childbirth. Such moms must be physically fit and presentable to effectively juggle motherhood and work, so they turn to plastic surgery to expedite the process. Post-pregnancy plastic surgery is actually becoming more popular now than in previous years. If diet and exercise hasn’t helped moms restore their figures after childbirth, undergoing plastic surgery from reputable SLC plastic surgeons like Dr. Trenton Jones is a viable option.

Breast augmentation which is usually conducted by inserting implants under the breast tissues—is done to improve the appearance of breasts which may have decreased in size after childbirth. This type of plastic surgery SLC mothers undergo usually takes less than two hours to perform.

Breasts also tend to sag and lose their firmness after childbirth, especially if mothers have breastfed their infants. A good way to correct this is through breast lifts or mastopexies. A mastopexy normally takes about one to three hours to accomplish. Following a mastopexy, the breasts are restored to their original shape and form.

As pregnancy stretches the abdominal muscles, the skin in this area will be excessive and loose after childbirth. Tummy tucks—in which the abdominal muscles are tightened, and the excess skin and fat in the abdominal area is removed— are the popular solution for this. Mothers can get back to work as soon as two weeks after this procedure.

After pregnancy, moms tend to notice excess fat in areas their abdomen, upper arms, and thighs. These moms can consider liposuction, or various forms of plastic surgery Salt Lake City surgeons can perform. Mothers should know that these procedures entail certain risks, so it’s important to follow the plastic surgeon’s advice for postoperative care down to the very last detail.

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